“THE GYM” is a brand new gym opened last year in Milan.
What’s its purpose? Create an environment where fitness activities is taken seriously, where discipline and challenges are seen as strengths. This gym offer also a various range of activities like calisthenics, combat and dance courses.
As you can see, the mood is very tough, monochromatic and dark.
What type of communication shall we adopt for this authoritarian brat?
As you can see, the target audience of ‘THE GYM’ is predominantly young, and the language it uses on social networks is predominantly fun and provocative. Memes are a good means to evoke these visceral reactions on online platforms. As for the brand’s visual identity, you may have noticed that the use of black is imperative.
Images are always in grayscale, photographs are either cropped or set against black and dark backgrounds, to place absolute focus on the subject, particularly on their physical appearance, aiming to evoke admiration in the viewer. The fonts used in communication are uppercase, bold, almost sculpted. Arrogant, mirroring the attitude that ‘THE GYM’ seeks to instill in its members.

"La sera leoni, la mattina flessioni"

This video was shoot the day THE GYM was inaugurated.
I think this video express what mood we were searching for at its best.
That night were also been demostrations and exhibitions made me Italian fitness influencers and motivational speeches by the founders.
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