The project revolved around developing a virtual reality experience for showcasing three distinct models of sneakers.
It was unveiled at the Footlocker n.5 exhibition in Milan, hosted at Superstudio. The client articulated precise expectations regarding the desired outcome: envisioning an ambiance reminiscent of a dark and enigmatic extraterrestrial terrain.
They envisioned rocky surfaces under a brooding, storm-laden sky. Like Stranger Things’ Upside Down.
The sneakers were to be depicted levitating amidst radiant typography, while hues oscillated predominantly between shades of purple, orange, and antique pink.
The project was born from a proposal by Samuele Severini and Emanuele Carpineti. To enrich the digital corner of the Kickit event, some attractions were planned, including a virtual reality experience, in which the user could admire the sneakers in an environment foreign to space and time. The flow of the project was structured in this way: Samuele and Emanuele discussed with the client, proposing mood boards and confronting him with style choices, after which they discussed with me to decide whether or not which solutions were feasible, also considering the limits of the computing power of the Metaquest viewer.
So we opted for an alien planet, uninhabited and bizarre, rocky, with flashes of vegetation and entropic fluctuating elements.
The operational phase was long and tiring. First the terrain was generated in Blender, with the help of a terraforming plugin, which was then reshaped to obtain peaks and plains that suited our needs. Then water was added. A particularly tricky step was adding the sky: we struggled to find a solution that was sustainable for the graphics engine, finally opting for a dome onto which the video of a huge storm cloud was projected. The 3D models of the shoes were made by a third party, to which I added bright logos swirling around. In an intermediate phase of the project it was thought to introduce grass, but unfortunately this slowed down the experience too much. The last phase to be carried out was the user experience.

L’ambiente dovrà assumere un carattere mistico, declinato da elementi eccezionali richiami, di fantasia e per nulla di stampo legato alla realtá.

In order not to create unnecessary queues at the pavilion, it was decided to limit the user’s movements by connecting it to a track that took a panoramic tour around the shoes, passing over the mountains and lakes. So what I did was create a line representing the route on the map, connect the progression of the position on a point on the line to the system timer, and place the user’s station above said point. To slow down the camera near the shoes, I coded a series of numerical intervals that modified the ratio between meters traveled and seconds passed. This is an excerpt of the final result.
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