“Pensieri” is the name of an Instagram page that asked me to create its own personal brand. The page collects poems by emerging artists and then sponsors them through targeted events and specific communication channels.
The logo, a meticulously designed brain, became the focal point of the identity. Symbolizing the seat of thoughts and emotions, it embodies the essence of the poetic journey. With its intricate curves and neural connections, it invites viewers to explore the labyrinth of thoughts and emotions. Color played a pivotal role in conveying the mood and atmosphere of “Pensieri.” Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of twilight, I chose a dominant shade of luscious lilac. This hue, with its ethereal charm, captures the elusive nature of thoughts and the dreamlike quality of poetry.
Typography was carefully curated to strike a balance between elegance and readability. A blend of serif and sans-serif fonts was selected to reflect the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary poetry styles. Each letter dances across the page, echoing the rhythm and cadence of poetic verses. Incorporating subtle elements of nature, such as delicate floral motifs and wisps of swirling clouds, added a touch of organic beauty to the design. These motifs serve as a visual metaphor for the blooming of thoughts and the boundless expanse of imagination.

"This pictogram is very iconic, thank you for a lot!"

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