These labels are the result of a collaboration between Erica Rossi and me, for some Milanese brands such as Slow and Memento. They consist of some canned drinks, soft drinks and even a wine. I had carte blanche on the artistic creation of the subjects present in the images. The technique was predominantly digital hand drawing.
As I delved into the creation of the label designs for these bottles, inspiration found me in the vivid tapestry of everyday life. Each stroke of the pen was imbued with the essence of fleeting moments and cherished memories. The vibrant hues of a bustling market, the delicate brushstrokes of a Renaissance masterpiece, and the whimsical charm of vintage postcards all found their way into my creative vision.
With a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with creativity, I set out to weave a narrative that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. These labels are not just designs; they are windows into the myriad wonders of life, waiting to be uncorked and savored.
Torna in alto