Consult Me


Every day, a company must stand firm in the global market, remaining ready to face ever-new challenges.
That’s why Consult Me assists businesses in achieving success, starting from two fundamental elements: an ambitious goal and a capable team to reach it. With this awareness, the business consultant stands alongside the management in seeking solutions and implementing strategies to reach the envisioned goal.
Their team offers its expertise and professionalism cultivated over ten years of activity, a period that has allowed us to refine our operational phases, which are part of a shared journey.
From 2022, I’m Consult Me’s social media manager. My job is to find relevant contents for the page, realize them and plan the posting.
Before doing all this, as in the management of any other social page, it is necessary to have a strategy in mind, a point of arrival in which to concentrate your efforts.
What Consult Me sells is consultancy directly in the company, so it is necessary to clearly explain its services and prove itself up to date.
For this client I decided to adopt an informal but at the same time professional tone of voice.
In Consult Me the human aspect is fundamental, and therefore it is equally fundamental to make it shine through the language adopted.
The contents vary from analysis of case studies, tips, current news relating to the sector, and are expressed through carousels , diagrams or videos

"Innovation is the fuel that run this company, and Innovation it's what we want for our social media communication"

This is the opening for every meeting that involves Consult Me’s Network.
This video is clearly inspired from opening title of tv series and tv-talks show.
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