Sportlife is a local gym of around 200 square meters, which has a large number of members. The owner has always liked the idea of ​​being able to land on social networks, so after a few attempts, we managed to find a balance and a rather high-performance strategy.
When I took over the Sportlife page, the agreed formula was the following: 2 posts a week, optional stories. The first strategy was quite simple: alternate motivational posts with informative posts, and occasionally insert posts that talked about the Sportlife staff, although it was quite difficult to obtain professional photos. This type of strategy was pursued for approximately 3-4 months, showing an increase of a hundred (organic) followers. To increase the number of follows, I also tried to insert columns to increase interest, but the growth remained very low.
The real turning point came with the introduction of reels, in particular funny videos, in which users could recognize themselves. By finding the right balance between entertaining and motivational content, the page managed to quadruple its followers in just a few months. All thanks to a close study of memes and their relationship to the psychology of the average gym user.

"Are you making these contents? Cuz I laughed my ass off"

What you read above are the words of a gym user who discovered that I was the author of the posts. By also reading user comments, it is possible to see how the contents I created have a very high rate of relatability and that this is precisely what leads them to easily become viral.
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