Since 1990, Perlotti Service has been involved in the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, cleaning pipelines, biological pits, septic tanks, tanks, and kitchen drains. Perlotti Service is a certified and highly professional company that offers, also thanks to direct contact with the property, a guarantee of quality and innovative services, such as waste traceability.
The page had started as a personal branding project, in which the company’s CEO was supposed to position herself as a green influencer, spreading awareness about waste management and integrating, at least initially, the topic of septic tanks. However, operational problems arose later, and unfortunately, the CEO could no longer ensure her presence in the videos. Therefore, the page had to undergo a major change of direction.
Therefore, all the content on the Instagram page began to be created independently. Primarily, two types of editorial content are released: informative reels on ecological/waste-related news and single-image posts aimed at maintaining a closer relationship with followers. The reels use the same template created by me, which changes according to the need, to ensure a consistent stylistic approach. They are narrated with a voiceover intended to resemble that of the CEO, which is nothing more than my own voice modified with artificial intelligence. The posts, on the other hand, are often humorous in nature, aiming to convey that Perlotti Service is a company capable of staying up-to-date with communication and is one with which one can speak candidly.

"Working for a cleaner world"

This is one of the videos from the page. It was created using multiple 3D compositions from After Effects stitched together. The video’s structure is modular, so there is the possibility to rearrange the video depending on the amount of information to convey and the duration of each individual section.
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