This project consists of the creation of NFTs for an online platform, Muvee, which exploits the non-fungible tokens market to finance independent films and consequently rewarding buyers. In addition to having carried out projects relating to the design of the platform, I was involved in the creation of NFTs, which I will show you below.
What you see below is the process of obtaining NFs from scratch. The client’s basic idea was to create a cinema ticket made of a very particular material: something reminiscent of metal but at the same time a translucent plastic, a material that gave value to the object. The shape has been changed several times. Furthermore, the model’s residence has also been adjusted.
The procedure for obtaining the image in the figure was as follows: I started by creating a 3D Blender model. After rendering it, I added a background in Photoshop, background made with artificial intelligence. Then the lights were added and the contrast between the figures and the background increased. Finally, the luminous writings were added at the express request of the client.
In the box below you can also find the brand Bible that I also created to verify correspondence with the requested style.

"I want these cards to be metallic, but also translucent... can you make it Chris?"

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