My old sport Lisa Parolo came to me with an idea: make a motion graphic video about her brand “LRP: Laboratorio di Réclame e Propaganda” identity.
“This is easy” I thought, but I was wrong.
Lisa expectations was high, she wanted something spectacular, shiny, new.
My first work was rejected. “This is just homework” she said to me, “I know you can do better”.
And then she gave me the following text to turn into a video: “Vabbeh, ma non siamo mica a New York… ah no?” that is “Alright, but we’re clearly not in New York… or do we?”. In Italy, saying that “we’re not in New York” is used to criticize someone who takes a job so seriuosly that makes something very extraordinary when the expectations were low. And then I discovered why Lisa made this precise choice of word
Creating a motion graphic video for a brand specializing in creativity and advertising required meticulous attention to detail. First and foremost, I delved into understanding the brand’s identity, its core values, and the message it wanted to convey. This laid the foundation for selecting the appropriate color palette, ensuring that it resonated with the brand’s ethos while also aligning with current design trends.
Next, I meticulously crafted the storyboard, mapping out the sequence of actions and transitions to ensure a seamless flow of information. Timing was crucial; every movement and transition had to be synchronized perfectly to maintain viewer engagement. Incorporating the latest design trends added a contemporary flair to the video, keeping it relevant and appealing to the target audience. Through careful planning and execution, the motion graphic video not only showcased the brand’s creativity but also effectively communicated its message to captivate and inspire its audience.

"Ricordati che sei sempre sulla rampa di lancio"

Here’s the final result, projected on December 2023 in Time Square.
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