What is Bimon?
Bimon is a company with offices in Rome, Milan and Padua that operates in the BIM and digital twin sector.
They create digital assets of buildings and infrastructure and use the data to improve the way they are designed, built, and operated. If one needs consultancy, training, or support, they can be contacted. By combining AI, cloud platforms, and the implementation of BIM methodology, they will help clients make the best choices for their business strategies.

My job here? Give Simon a new corporate image: modern, fresh, technologic and minimal.
When we think of a minimalist identity, two colors appear in our mind: black and white. But why not use the power of colors? Cold gradients that recall the digital world, or rather, of digitalization. Here is how different gradients were created from 4 basic colours, each to be attributed to different BIMON company sectors.
And it was precisely the need to have a modular logo that could be reassembled in different ways that gave life to the bars that make up the pictogram. By changing the arrangement, 4 configurations were created, each with its own gradient. Furthermore, a recurring element in the corporate image is undoubtedly the asymmetrical parallelogram composed of two corners rounded twice as much as the others, to confer identity but above all to be used in different aspects of communication.

"We want our logo to be modern, clean, and static."

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